Patient Testimonials

“As a chiropractor focusing on joint function and mobility along with addressing soft tissue ailments are key to successfully treating patients. A lot of times we need a more specified approach to soft tissue mobilization and breaking down of adhesions that prevent this function from occurring. This is where Carl is an expert. He has been working with our patients for over 5 years and is a vital component to our treatment plans. He is thorough and well trained in all areas of the body - spinal and extremities. He has a great bedside manner and is informative to help keep the patients healthier longer. I personally have Carl treat my shoulders, elbows and hands to help me maintain the ability to see patients throughout the work week. He has helped me and hundreds of our patients avoid more invasive and costly surgical procedures. Working with our young athletes all the way to our 90 year old patients, there is nobody that he can't evaluate and/or treat.”

Dr. Jennings

“My husband & I have only one regret. We wish we had known sooner. Both of us tell absolutely everyone we meet about SASTM. I finally got Kyle convinced to try this a few months ago. He has had issues with his knees for decades. DECADES! Physical therapy would only help a little and temporarily. This technique had immediate benefits for Kyle. He walked out 20 minutes later with more mobility than he's had in 20 years. He's able to start strengthening it slowly because he has more range of motion without all the pain. He started working out with his son & they have both started into a fitness routine.”

Shelley Bates

“I compete as a competitive arm wrestler. In a world event in 2018 I suffered a partial tear in my Subscapularis (part of my rotator cuff). I was told by numerous surgeons I’d require surgery and there was a good chance I’d never compete again. I was so fortunate enough to find Carl! After months of work and training Carl helped me get back to 100% and competing on the world level again. I can’t thank him enough. Extremely knowledgeable, and personable. He takes the time to listen and stay specific to your needs. Very responsive as well. I highly recommend any athlete, lifter, or anyone in pain to see Carl.”

Michael Hitt

"Growing up I wore a Boston back brace for years attempting to correct problems in my lower back. I finally had a double spinal fusion in 1992 which did help but left much scar tissue throughout my back. Carl has helped me for years, as did his dad before him, manage my back and neck pain. Soft tissue mobilization is remarkable and is a necessary part of our body healing itself. Many family members has been to see Carl; my daughter-migraines & shin splints, my husband-foot pain & carpal tunnel; sisters-in-law-plantar fasciitis; son & nephew-shoulder pain. In the past 30 years I have wasted a countless amount of money on orthopedic doctors and physical therapy. Although I still sometimes need to seek orthopedic help, it is always a last resort. Carl is very knowledgeable and he cares about his patients. He has been a blessing to my entire family.”

Alice Carter

“My name is Amy Robbins. My athletic background includes running and triathlon. I have run several marathons and half marathons. I completed 6 Ironman triathlons between 2012 and 2017. After my last Ironman in July 2017, I began training for my first ultra. I ran 100k trail race in Michigan on September 8, 2017. Prior to the ultra I was worn down and my body was pretty well beat. In the week leading to the 100k, I was having severe tightness and pain in my left calf. At that point it was too late to do anything about it. I went to the start line and just willed it out of my head and hoped for the best. Eight miles into the 100k, I tripped. My calf seized up and I really thought my 100k was over. I decided to put it out of my head and keep going. By mile 10, I forgot about it and just kept moving. When I returned home from the 100k I decided some rest was in order. I didn’t run for about a week. I had to get moving as I had committed to being on a relay team in mid October. When I began to run again my calf was not cooperating. My chiropractor recommended that I see Carl. I followed the advice and was very happy with the results. Carl treated me a couple of times and I ran the relay without any issues. I thought I was good. My calf decided to flare up again the end of November. I did not run for 6 days. I could barely walk. I reached out to Carl again. Carl treated me on a Thursday and I ran 16 miles on Friday with no pain and zero issues. At this point I was in the beginning training phase for a 100 mile race. Carl and I discussed doing a maintenance/preventative plan to keep me pain and injury free as we ramped up the mileage. Together, we decided that getting treated biweekly would be a good place to start. From December until my race on March 17, I ran over 1000 miles. I was training five days per week. I was treated by Carl every other week and I supplemented that with a chiropractic adjustment. I did not miss a training run. I ran without pain and was able to sustain 60+ miles per week. I ran my first 100 mile race in 23:34 and I believe that I have Carl to thank for getting me to the start and finish lines without injury. After the 100 miler I was sore. I had a couple of areas that were particularly sore/painful. My pain was not from an injury. My pain was because I had run 100 miles. I walked away from that wanting to do another ultra. I have plans for many more miles. I also have plans to keep my body working by maintaining it with SASTM. I will not lie. There have been sessions that were quite uncomfortable. Carl is very patient and will offer a break if the pain is too intense. I often have bruising after a treatment. The bruises can be tender to the touch for a day or so, but it is surface pain. My soft tissue beneath is ready to run. Prior to SASTM I would get a massage occasionally and just deal with any issues that came along. Those issues would sometimes sideline my training plans. Carl conducts himself in a professional manner. The office and equipment are always clean. I highly recommend SASTM. I will continue to have maintenance treatment. I will recommend SASTM every opportunity that I get. My only regret is that I did not know about this a long time ago!”

Amy Robbins

“I was a collegiate athlete and am now a mom/educator and still try to take DECENT care of my body, so I might have slightly high expectations of what it can do! Carl has put me back into my workouts quicker than anything I have experienced in all my years. I recently went through several days of intense workout and was clearly not paying attention to my posture and by night 4 couldn’t sit, turn my head, or lie down. I saw Carl the next day and can turn my head, bend over, and feel 200% better than the night before. In the past, setting my chiropractor appt after seeing Carl has given me the ability to jump back quicker into a routine. He is easy-going, knowledgeable, and does his best to fit your schedule!”

Liana Giles

“SASTM has been a lifesaver. I’ve been athletic my entire life and suffered with Achilles pain at times feeling like my Achilles was ready to snap in half. Carl is attentive and provides great care to get you back to doing the things you love. I highly recommend booking a session with Carl for any pain or discomfort.”

Kelly Welker

“I have always lived a very active lifestyle. But after I injured my back in high school, I had to be much more mindful about what I was doing so I didn’t end up in pain for the days to come. Over the years I have got better, but have never been able to “get over the hump”. I have been seeing Carl for a few months, and the progress I have made is amazing. This is the best I have felt post-injury, and I wish I would have found Carl sooner. I am always looking forward to my next appointment!”

Steve Remmel

“Have used SASTM team for many years, actually put off Knee replacement for 6 years, and then when I finally had it, was a breeze! Truly believe and MD told me I had the best result he had ever seen, I am continuing on the other knee that was told in 2009 needed replaced, and still walking without pain! Great for small issues as well, Carl has been great to work with!”

Fredrick McClaine

“Carl is an incredible clinician in the SASTM technics. He is very knowledgeable in the human body systems. As an aging athlete I have had several areas worked on by Carl with great results. I have even had work done after shoulder surgery to help with healing and scar tissue. There isn't an area that Carl can't fix! He also has two offices he works out of for your convenience. New Palestine at Hilton Chiropractic and his Carmel office.”

Julie Folkening

“I am a competitive bodybuilder and have neglected one of the most important pieces of the puzzle to aid in my growth ....recovery ! I discovered Carl through a friend who competes as well and based on her feedback & results I was eager to give SASTM a try as I have found nothing thus far to break up the scar tissue particularly in my lower half, glutes, hamstrings and quads. SASTM has been a game changer for me & in just a few sessions i already feel a huge relief when training , my mobility is improving & pumps were so much better ! This is absolutely something I will be keeping up in my improvement season and beyond for overall wellness . Carl is professional, experienced & cares about your well-being ! Highly recommended 5 + stars!”

Jamie Sterling

“SASTM is doing wonders for my legs. My pain is slowly decreasing after spending thousands of dollars on countless specialist trying to pinpoint the cause of my pain. Very excited to start treating other parts of my body as I continue to train for this year’s Competition. I just wish I would’ve found Carl sooner!! Carl is knowledge and genuinely cares about seeing me progress.”

Kaylynn Wolfgang

“For over a decade I tried chiropractors, acupuncture, dry needling, cupping, standard physical therapy, and more to address painful back spasms that had left me with little hope I would ever be pain free. After 3 sessions with Carl I was good as new! Carl has also helped treated me for a separated shoulder, tweaked hamstring, nerve impingement, and more. His knowledge, care, and expertise are the best I have found. Wish I could give him more stars!”

Rex Fisher

“SASTM and Carl are AMAZING! I’ve been seeing him for SASTM for a couple of years. I have four kids and work at a computer everyday — needless to say my neck and shoulders are a mess! I was referred by my Chiropractor and it has been the best wellness investment I’ve made in years! Every time I leave an appt I feel like a new person... no exaggeration! Carl is very kind and professional. His space is clean and easy to get to AND his hours are super convenient!”

Brooke DeRam

“A few months ago, my shoulder and neck pain was so bad that I couldn’t turn my head to the right to check my blind spot when driving. I had seen a chiropractor for the pain, but it didn’t help very much. Then I discovered SASTM. I think I’ve seen Carl 6 times now, and I have full range of motion back. At first I saw him weekly, and then we started spacing out my appointments (per his suggestion). He’s an honest guy and very skilled at what he does. I highly recommend SASTM therapy with Carl!”

Amy Farrell

“Carl at SASTM has been a life saver. After years of abusing my elbows I was told I would need surgery on both of them. My chiropractor referred me to Carl because of the low success rate of surgery and the recovery time. I couldn't believe the difference after just a couple visits. I have now been seeing Carl for over a year. He has me back to 100 percent and now I only require visits for routine maintenance. If your in pain whether its your elbows, neck, back, etc. and are looking for fast, affordable pain relief Carl is your guy.”

David Morgan

“I have been doing SASTM treatments with Carl for a couple of months now. Struggling with a hamstring injury over the summer, I was connected with Carl through my chiro. I felt improvement just after the first couple visits. I would encourage anyone who is trying to bounce back from an injury, to give this a try!”

Stephanie Cermak

“I was seeing Carl to deal with my proximal hamstring tendinitis. He was very patient and listened to everything I had to say about the injury. He worked over spots he thought would help with the injury and anywhere I felt like it could help, as well. Within a month or two my pain went away. I had been dealing with this for 2 years! Including two separate needle tenodomies to treat the issue that were unsuccessful. Carl is awesome and I still see him from time-to-time to deal with any issue that pops up before it becomes another big deal! Thanks Carl!”

Craig Findley

“Carl at Hilton Chiropractic is extremely knowledgeable and personable. As a hygienist my forearms were in extreme pain to the pain I was unable to open jars. Thanks to Carl and Dr. Jennings my range of motion has increased and pain decreased. I highly recommend SASTM for muscle repair and overall improvement”

Andrea Stevens

“Carl is professional, efficient, and attentive. He did fantastic work repairing my shoulder and hip with a few sessions. He was thorough with questions, attention to detail, and figuring out the goal and problems. I immediately felt better after my first session. The range of motion that I gained with my neck and shoulder was the most I have had in a long time after snapping my SCM. Highly recommend, won’t be disappointed!”

Chelsea Monroe

“Carl has helped me so much. I had work accident shattering my heel bone. There was so much scar tissue in my leg. I kept telling the Doctors I was having pain in my foot. They would just say there was nothing else they could do. Carl was able to break up some scar tissue behind my knee and instantly the pain was gone. He continue to break up more and more scar tissue in my calf and on the bottom of my foot. The doctors diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis they did have several injections in the foot. Carl was able to break up the scar tissue in my arch and the planter fasciitis hasn’t been back. I would recommend Carl to everybody. I have men from work that seeing Carl.”

Michael Carter

“I am a firm believer in SASTM. I was a gymnast all through HS & college so my body took a beating. At one point I was unable grip & hold onto a milk carton or open jars. By having SASTM done on my elbows the scar tissue & arthritis was broken up, caused new inflammation which sent the bodies natural healing to my elbows. The deep tissue massage restored my ability to grip &, hold ( was able to play golf again without pain). Carl also did a lot of work on both of my feet allowing me to walk without pain & kept from having foot surgery until I was bone on bone. My foot surgeon was amazed at my level of mobility & flexibility which he attributed to having SASTM. Because of SASTM I did not have to have a fusion surgery. SASTM has allowed my body to age more gracefully. Thanks to Carl for all that he has done!”

Crystal Heights

“SASTM has been the essential element in giving me greater mobility with my neck and shoulders. Before I started going to Carl I was dealing with severe pain due to shoulder surgery. I was recommend by my Chiropractor to look into SASTM treatment. Initially, I procrastinated about having SASTM treatment because I did not think with the pain I was having, it would make a difference. I am here to tell you, Carl’s professional knowledge of SASTM and the treatment I have received over the years has made me a believer! I keep a regular maintenance schedule with Carl and I recommend him highly to my family and friends.”

Paul Grissom

“After a car accident in 2011 left me with chronic neck pain, I finally found relief from seeing Carl at SASTM. Carl is extremely professional, he took the time to understand the issues I was having and thoroughly explained the treatment process before starting. I am extremely thankful for having found SASTM and would highly recommend Carl.”

Michelle Riskin

“My daughter referred me to Carl when I was having problems with carpal tunnel symptoms. I was surprised at how quickly I began getting relief and am grateful I didn't get talked into surgery before trying this. Carl has also treated my Achilles tendinitis and my knee when they flare up (I'm a runner). Give this treatment a try before you resort to anything permanent, like surgery!”

Donna Rowe

“My wife and I were having issues with sore/stiff knees, hamstring, and lower back, neck. After being referred to Carl by a friend, we made our first appointment 2 years ago. From day one we were extremely pleased with Carl's concern and professionalism for our health needs. The treatments have been fantastic and have helped us overcome some initial problems, but now serve to act as a maintenance session by our own choice. Carl has always been patient and attentive during our sessions, and never hurries us through, making sure that any other areas of attention are taken care of as well. Anyone can take advantage of this technique to provide an additional approach to wellness by using it as a maintenance level, based on that persons frequency needs. In addition to a effective treatment, we discovered an exceptional young man that has displayed a thorough knowledge of his science and obvious passion for his work. He truly cares about your health concerns first and successful results. He's solid, has great integrity, and very considerate.”

Randy & Andrea

“Carl has helped me with multiple sports injuries - most recently working with him after my knee surgery. He doesn’t have a scripted approach but works with me individually and really wants to help me heal. Very conscientious and good at what he does!

Tim Estes