What does Sound in SASTM stand for?

The Sound stands for sound waves. Due to the instruments ability to resonate, the sound waves/vibrations are magnified through the instrument as it glides over the soft tissue, detecting irregularities.

It is not an ultrasound. We do have demonstration instruments that are amplified.

What is the difference between SASTM and other methods?

Today, there are several versions of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization being utilized. SASTM treats the cause of the dysfunction and not the symptoms.

What is the difference between other IASTM tools/instruments and SASTM polymer instruments?

The metal and plastic instruments have minimal resonating ability due to design and density of material. The new Polymer with ceramic ability allows easier location and manipulation of adhesions with less pressure or discomfort to the patient or the clinician using the instruments. The SASTM instruments are designed around surface area. To increase pressure in an isolated area, one would use an instrument with a smaller surface area allowing constant delivery of pressure from the clinician without increasing the pressure. SASTM instruments fit the size of the adhesion not body parts. They have a flat edge based off of Gua Sha tools.

Why are the instruments better than your hands?

Instruments provide clinicians with a mechanical advantage, thus preventing overuse to the hands. The instruments magnify what the hands feel.

Who can benefit from SASTM?

Anyone with an inflammatory disorder. Please see the Who can Benefit? section on the website.

How many treatments do you recommend?

You should only treat each area 15-20 strokes, a joint 3-5 minutes, and total treatments usually last 20 minutes. Sessions should be twice a week with two days between sessions. Goal is 4-8 sessions. Chronic conditions tend to take longer than acute conditions.

Do you charge a fee to be placed on your website?

We DO NOT charge any additoinal fees to be placed on our website.

If my organization needs the history of IASTM, research, resumes, and or a marketing video, how would I obtain any of these?

Go to Contact SASTM and request them.

What conventions and conferences does SASTM attened? Do you have seminar give-aways at conventions?

Yes, AOTA, CSM, NATA, ASHT, AMTA, and Parker Seminars. Visit the booth for free seminar.

What are treatment slide forms?

Treatment slide forms come with every set of instruments.These are fibrotic patterns mapped throughout the body. They have steps that correspond with the video for an easy review.

Will new products be available?

Yes, research and development is an ongoing process.

I understand the SASTM instruments are based upon past research with rats. Can you explain?

Go to the Contact SASTM and you can request these. If you are a provider, visit the provider only section.


Who can buy SASTM instruments?

Medical doctors, Medical students, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists and Assistants, Occupational Therapists and Assistants, Athletic Trainers, and Massage Therapists.

How do the instruments work?

The specially designed instruments are designed to locate restrictions and allow the clinician to treat the affected area with the appropriate amount of pressure. The instruments introduce of controlled micro trauma to the affected soft tissue structure causes the stimulation of a local inflammatory response. This initiates reabsorption of inappropriate fibrosis or excessive scar tissue and facilitates healing activities.

Do I own or lease my instruments?

You OWN them.

What happens if I lose an instrument or an instrument breaks?

If you lose an instrument then you can go to our online store and purchase a new one with free shipping. If you drop and break an instrument then you can ship it back to SASTM and we will replace it for you for half price.

Can I buy individual SASTM instruments?


Can I buy your instruments without attending a seminar? Can I also be certified without attending a seminar? Online?

Yes, you can learn from the video and take the certfication test online.. As far as certification, Athletic Trainers can obtain 4 hours of online CEU's.

Can clinicians share your instruments?

Yes, but they must purchase an additional online certification for $250.

I understand the SASTM method and instruments are based from Gua Sha. Explain.

Yes, it is based on Gua Sha, which, I became aware of in 1998. You will be able to compare tools, including Gua Sha at all the SASTM Seminars.

Explain your SASTM instrument sets.

2 - Select the two instruments you want from 1-6
3 - Select the three instruments you want from 1-6
4 - Select the four instruments you want from 1-6
5 - Select the five instruments you want from 1-6
6 - It's the three small and three medium instruments used to treat the entire body.
7 - Has one large two handled instrument for quicker scanning, greater depth, and can treat larger areas.
8 - Has two different types of large two handled instruments.

*All sets include a hard carrying case, laminated protocols, 2 oz. jar of emollient, and a SASTM ceritication


If we were to put on a seminar or have SASTM guest speak, would we be able to advertise for David and/or one of your instructors?


Does SASTM.com have internet based certification?

Yes, as of May 2009 we have internet based certification All labs are online. Clinicians are able to log into the providers only section and be certficated at their own convenience.

What is the cost of onsite training? Can you get CEUs?

The cost of onsite training is $1500 plus expenses. Multiple purchases of sets can discount onsite training. ATCs and Massage Therapists currently get 8 CEUs onsite and 4 CEUs online.