Decreases wear and tear on your body as opposed to using manual methods of soft tissue mobilization

Allows you to feel adhesions through the instruments

Design of each instrument creates a non-slip surface

90-degree treatment edges

Improve patient outcomes in a minimal amount of visits

You OWN your instruments; no leasing

ZERO contracts, ZERO fees, and no unexpected charges

Available CEUs *BOC CEUs, NCBTMB CEUs, and Indiana PT CEUs available. PT CEUs vary state-to-state

Online Training

90-day payment options

Eligibility for our referral program, allowing you to earn free products and training

Niche! Provides an alternative treatment protocol that other clinicians and facilities cannot offer.

Clinicians who already possess excellent soft tissue skills will find SASTM to be a welcome addition to their repertoire.

Your name will be included in our online Provider listings directory FREE of charge